Stem Cells Therapy And Treatment For Anti-Aging

Facts About Aging

Each minute, our body is dying, this is a fact. Each minute that passes by our body has lost 300,000,000 cells. That means the cells that die in our body equals the population of the United States, each and every single minute. As we age less and less of those cells are replace and we slowly decay. Doctors have seen people over a 100 that if cut, nothing happens as there are no cells or very few cells to close the wound.

Thus Aging is a result of progressive depletion of stem cells, so the introduction of new stem cells and adjunctive treatments has the potential of slowing down or reversing this process. Stem cells possess a unique anti-aging effect by regenerating and repairing organs, improving immune function, repair damages by stress, and various toxins we are exposed to in our daily life.

Stem Cells often in the past thought of as futuristic, controversial and unknown, but now the whole world is now embracing the stem cell revolution and finding novel and unique means to address both diseases and reverse the effects of time on our bodies. We provide the latest Age management, rejuvenation and beauty secret now.

Age Management -  Stem Cell Rejuvenation


The signs of aging generally start at 40, earlier for those who have burned the candle at both ends, smokers, have been under stress or in contact with toxic sustenance’s and generally later for those who have had less stress, non smokers, exercised and eat properly but in the end we all will age. Some of the signs of aging are:

Poor concentration
• Loss of memory
• Loss of energy
• General fatigue
• Tiredness
• Wrinkles
• Age spots
• General aches and pains
• Loss of hair
• Loss of skin texture
• Insomnia
• Reduced sex drive
• Mood swings
• Degenerative diseases

There are other sign and when you are there you will know it. Time to do something about it!


There is no cure for aging and there is no guarantee as to the extent of improvement, but our Age Management Stem Cell Rejuvenation has seen life changing improvements and is a great age management tool to stay younger and healthier.

When young you have an abundance of stem cells, but as you age you have less and less stem cells to replenish the damaged and dying cells. With a stem cell treatments you are replenishing the supply of stem cells to allow the body to revitalizes, repair and rejuvenate your body’s organs including your skin. It will help your body fill in fine lines, increase collagen and provide a younger looking skin. The stem cell may also help heal, repair and replace deteriorating organs and may extend their functional life and provide you with a better quality of life and save you medical bills.  We have seen firsthand the overall quality of life improvements and although it varies from person to person other improvements such as list below may be achieved.

General younger appearance

• Decreased intensity of  age spots

• Smoother skin texture

• Fewer wrinkles

• Less neck & back pain

• Less fatigue and tiredness

• Improved energy

• Emotional and mental improvements

• Reduce stiffness in joints

• Reduction of the effect of degenerative diseases

• Increased libido

Decreased level of Hemoglobin A1C

• Decrease in Triglyceride levels

• Decrease in Creatinine levels

• Improvement in Renal (Kidney) Function.

• Decrease in the Fasting Blood Sugars

• Less neuropathic pain

• Less itching from pruritus (itchy skin)

• Reduced nocturia (waking up from sleep to urinate)

• Improved capacity for physical activities

• Thickening of hair and quality (sometimes color)

And lastly, the Feeling of vitality and rejuvenation
Male or female, being 30 or 100 all may derive benefits from stem cell therapy to provide themselves a better quality of life.

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  • Our approach includes stimulation, prior to collection, processing and expansion of the cell along with the use of growth factors, together with an integrated medical approach. This maximizes the growth and implantation potentials yielding optimized potentials of making changes in your disease.
  • Our staff physicians are all board certified, in their field with years of experience. Your team includes both primary and ancillary care professionals devoted to maximizing your benefits from the procedures. We enroll you in an open registry to track your changes independently, for up to 20 years.
  • As our patient we also keep you abreast of the newest developments in stem cell research. This is an ongoing relationship to maintain and enhance your health.
  • Our promise is to provide you with travel and lodging support, access to bilingual staff members throughout the entire process and most importantly the best medical care possible.