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How Is Autism Treated?


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Autism —There is no single treatment plan for an autistic child as each one expresses the condition in their own way and may have other secondary disorders that also require treatment.

In general, however, treatment includes medications, stem cell therapy, applied behavioral analysis (ABA), physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

Autism Stem Cell Treatment

At World Stem Cell Clinic, our physicians treat

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) with mesenchymal stem cell (MSC)    Stem cells come from the patient  by a bone marrow extraction from the iliac crest or tibia bone in the leg, adipose (fat) extraction by minimal manual lipo suction or from cord blood/cord and will be processed and possibly expansion in our ISO 9001:2015, cGLP and cGTP certified laboratory all within our Clinic assuring quality control and safety.

With the Autism stem cells Treatment we can add some standard treatment modalities that include physical and occupational therapies.

Children at our clinic are assessed before and after a stem cell treatment to document improvement in cognitive function and communication.

Some of the improvements we have seen in our autistic patients and families:

  • Improved concentration, attention span and inter action with other people.
  • Better tolerance to a variety of foods and many children start trying new foods and liking them.
  • Less or no fear of strangers, loud noises, bright colors and new environments
  • The child has more and easier eye contact with people, a longer attention span and starts looking at objects with new interest.
  • Improved self-care skills & dressing themselves and able to be potty trained.
  • Eating with utensils instead of their hands.
  • Behavior at home and outside improves.
  • Children that are non-verbal, start making sounds, syllables, and then pronounce words; bigger vocabulary in verbal children.
  • Writing and educational skills improvement or development.
  • Better sleeping habits
  • Improved digestion and in most a drop in inflammatory issues.
  • Parents are able to Potty train.
  • Child able to dress themselves.
  • A new life on their way to being self-sufficient when they grows up.



  • Our approach includes stimulation, prior to collection, processing and expansion of the cell along with the use of growth factors, together with an integrated medical approach. This maximizes the growth and implantation potentials yielding optimized potentials of making changes in your disease.
  • Our staff physicians are all board certified, in their field with years of experience. Your team includes both primary and ancillary care professionals devoted to maximizing your benefits from the procedures. We enroll you in an open registry to track your changes independently, for up to 20 years.
  • As our patient we also keep you abreast of the newest developments in stem cell research. This is an ongoing relationship to maintain and enhance your health.
  • Our promise is to provide you with travel and lodging support, access to bilingual staff members throughout the entire process and most importantly the best medical care possible.