Botox Injection (onabotulinumtoxinA) - World Stem Cell Clinic (Cosmetic)

Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA) Injection

BOTOX  isn’t a filler, Instead, it actually paralyzing the muscles beneath the skin and minimizes the look of lines and wrinkles. It is the contraction of these muscles that causes lines and wrinkles to form and BOTOX reduces or stop their action. When those muscles are relaxed with the application of botox, smoother, more supple skin is brought forth. BOTOX treatments are quick and relatively pain free at  World Stem Cell Clinic. Repeated treatments are required to maintain the effect so every 3 or 4 months the procedure will be  needed.  Patient that want to look young and fight aging fine BOTOX the answer.


  • Our approach includes stimulation, prior to collection, processing and expansion of the cell along with the use of growth factors, together with an integrated medical approach. This maximizes the growth and implantation potentials yielding optimized potentials of making changes in your disease.
  • Our staff physicians are all board certified, in their field with years of experience. Your team includes both primary and ancillary care professionals devoted to maximizing your benefits from the procedures. We enroll you in an open registry to track your changes independently, for up to 20 years.
  • As our patient we also keep you abreast of the newest developments in stem cell research. This is an ongoing relationship to maintain and enhance your health.
  • Our promise is to provide you with travel and lodging support, access to bilingual staff members throughout the entire process and most importantly the best medical care possible.