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Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is an umbrella term for the effects of damage to a developing brain by various causes. It is connected with a range of symptoms, including muscle weakness and movement problems. The damage to the brain usually occurs early on in its development, either in the baby during pregnancy or during the period soon after birth. Symptoms may include difficulties in walking, balance and motor control, eating, swallowing, speech or coordination of eye movements. Some people affected by cerebral palsy also have some level of intellectual disability. No two people with cerebral palsy are affected in exactly the same way. 

The efficacy of the stem cell therapy and pre and post injection follow ups was available for 15 evaluable patients (Table 3). Eleven of the 15 had a significant improvement (73%). The improvement ranged from 1 to 3 levels on the GMFCS scoring system. The average improvement was 1.3 points with a range of 0 to 3 points of improvement with no patients showing regression. The improvement was most pronounced in the degree of spasticity in 6 patients (40%) and in many cases it was the first feature noted to improve. Some families reported bowel and bladder control improvement along with the motility and independent activity. The cognitive function assessment also revealed significant improvement in 6 of the 15 patients (40%). The assessment was performed with the help of the care givers and the patient’s primary physicians.

Table 3

Summary of the results

Number PRE-GMFCS POST-GMFCS Cognitive changes Spasicity changes
1 5 4 No change No change
2 5 5 No change No change
3 4 2 No change No change
4 2 2 No change No change
5 5 No change
6 1 0 No change No change
7 4 3 Improved Improved
8 2 2 Improved Improved
9 5 5 No change No change
10 5 4 No change No change
11 4 3 Improved Improved
12 2 1 No change No change
13 5 4 Improved Improved
14 5
15 5 2 Improved Improved
16 4 2 Improved Improved
17 5 4 No change No change


Int J Stem Cells. 2016 May; 9(1): 90–95.

doi:  10.15283/ijsc.2016.9.1.90PMCID: PMC4961108

Treatment of Cerebral Palsy with Stem Cells: A Report of 17 Cases



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