Laboratory at World Stem Cell Clinic (Stem Cell Research)

World stem cell clinic ’s Laboratory is build to cater the cGLP/cGTP standards and has the state of art facility with world class equipment for the clinic’s process and research on Stem cells. The lab is certified with ISO 9000:2015 and Good laboratory practice (cGLP) current good tissue practice (cGTP) for its functioning.The lab is maintained by Dr.Gokuladhas krishnan ,and he makes sure that process and research takes place under the guidelines and rules as per the Government norms and cGLP.The lab is involved with adult autologous stem cell Isolation,processing and culturing with a proprietary protocol developed after 50+ years of research. The lab is also involved in private clinical research of the CEO.The lab continuously upgrades to new technologies and very keen in publishing articles and reviews in the field of regenerative medicine.

The laboratory is equipped with the latest equipment for example Class 100 laminar hood, CO2 incubators, inverted microscope, contract microscopes, temperature controlled shaker, and much more. The laboratory itself is an ISO 10,000 class environment under hepa filters and a 72 plus air change cycle.  One key component is the High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter that is used to trap particles that are 0.3 micron and larger in size. All of the air delivered to a cleanroom passes through HEPA filters, and in some cases where stringent cleanliness performance is necessary, All personel in the Class 10,000 cleanrooms uses a smocks, head covers, and booties at all times. In addition to being a class 10,000 we use UV light, Ozone and bacteria checks to insure the cleanliness and proper sanitation.Equipment inside the cleanroom is designed to generate minimal air contamination. Only special mops and buckets are used. Cleanroom furniture is designed to produce a minimum of particles and is easy to clean.