About World Stem Cell Clinic - for better quality of life

What is done in World Stem Cell Clinic

World Stem Cells Clinic’s medical staff and clinical physicians will examine you and review all available medical records, radiology films, CT scans and other diagnostic information to assess if stem cell therapy will be a helpful primary treatment or adjunctive therapy for your specific condition.

Then, the medical doctors meet and confer with the research scientists for a pre-treatment planning meeting. This Stem cell treatment planning conference takes advantage of decades of the staff’s clinical experience, your current condition, your available social support system, full review of your medical history as well as an inclusion and consideration of any recently published research literature on stem cell treatments. In other words, you are provided a detailed, systematic and entirely unique treatment care plan for his or her needs. World Stem Cell Clinic

Who we are

Advanced stem cell treatments offered by World Stem Cell Clinic to qualified patients at the medical facility in India provides an opportunity for a better quality of life. The clinic and laboratory were designed, built and are operated under the stringent guidelines as established by US Federal Regulations Title21, Subpart C, 211-42 through 211-58, and the US Federal Drug Administration’s Good Tissue Practice (cGTP) regulations for pharmaceutical, biologics and clinical laboratories. The strict adherence to these established guidelines and policies guarantees the highest quality of clinical care and stem cell treatment safety for you. World Stem Cell Clinic brings with it over 6 years of research and treatment history with great results thereby changing many patient lives. Stem cells are tested and processed at the state-of-the-art and Good Tissue Practice (cGTP) laboratories.

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement is to provide Adult Stem cell treatments, Dermatology and Cosmetic Therapies of high quality but at a fair price to open the benefits to more people. World Stem Cell Clinic using advanced stem cell procedures that are performed by our clinics doctors then your Stem cells are tested, processed and data recorded at a our state of the art facility, thus guaranteeing the highest level of quality and safety for our patients. We are working hard to provide the best stem cell treatments, Dermatology and Cosmetic Therapies available to give you a better quality of life.

Our MISSION is to provide:

1)Bring the highest quality care and healthcare options, at an affordable cost, to patients.

2)Provide accurate documentation of all procedures to further medical understanding.

3)Education to patients on the potential, success and failures of stem cell therapies in an honest and forthright manner.

4)Increased quality, effectiveness and medical acceptance of regenerative medical stem cell treatments.

Quality of care is defined as the total experience that the patient encounters from their first contact to the results, after treatment. At World Stem Cell Clinic we have defined the experience from the first contact via phone and or e-mail, as a learning and informative opportunity. We firmly believe that having an informed patient, in an effort to empower the patient and their family, is the only way to enable good quality health care. We pride ourselves on responding to our clients, usually in less than 48 hours. When you arrive in Chennai your complete stay is geared toward maximizing your comfort and potential results.

From the onset, World Stem Cell Clinic has been a leader in the execution of documentation. It’s our belief that by having quality data available we will be able to further the understanding of the stem cell processes. Our computerized internal networks, along with experienced staff, collect and analyze the objective data throughout the processes of evaluation to treatment.

We are proud to be members of ICMS, the International Cellular Medicine Society, (http://www.cellmedicinesociety.org) an international body whose mission is to make stem cell operations transparent so that patients can evaluate and determine their best treatment options with optimal providers. They independently collect and publish data from our patients for two years or more following treatments.

At World Stem Cell Clinic we strive to increase the quality and effectiveness of our treatments daily. We are committed to remaining up to date and changing our procedures as new and better methods evolve. Our investment in cutting edge equipment for the laboratory insures that only the highest level of care is delivered to our patients.

World Stem Cell Clinic assists clinics, physicians, and state of the art laboratories that adhere to the principles of ICMS to further regenerative medicine and stem cell treatment knowledge for the benefit of all our clients.