Non Surgical Facelift - World Stem Cell Clinic | PRP facelift treatment

"Something Magical Is About to Happen To You!
A Younger You, A New You, A Better You."

Celebrities, politicians, sport figures have been the first to see the benefits in a new stem cell technique of facial rejuvenation. A full stem cell treatment or a PRP + P601 treatment  will offers better long lasting improvements then the old aesthetic treatments which are now obsolete. The old you, the improved you is created by introducing millions of new stem cells and growth factors under your skin to eliminate or reduce wrinkles, facial lines, scars and increase the fat/collagen volume that you have lost. The stem cells and growth factors response on the cellular level grafts to your body and continue to improve facial features for 30 to 120 days with an outcome that will amaze you and your love ones.

Our Stem Cell Facelift utilizes your own stem cells and growth factors to provide you the state of the art in anti-aging facial rejuvenation technology with less pain, down time and risk. A win, win, win for you plus another win, leaving 10 to 20 years younger.

Benefits over a traditional surgical face life:

• The Stem cells continual to divide to replenish the old ones.

• The Stem Cells and growth factors become a repair system.

• The Stem Cells and growth factors continue to replace collagen.

• No Knife cutting, no suturing required, no scares, no general anesthesia

• No stretched skin look

• No long term recovery


  • Our approach includes stimulation, prior to collection, processing and expansion of the cell along with the use of growth factors, together with an integrated medical approach. This maximizes the growth and implantation potentials yielding optimized potentials of making changes in your disease.
  • Our staff physicians are all board certified, in their field with years of experience. Your team includes both primary and ancillary care professionals devoted to maximizing your benefits from the procedures. We enroll you in an open registry to track your changes independently, for up to 20 years.
  • As our patient we also keep you abreast of the newest developments in stem cell research. This is an ongoing relationship to maintain and enhance your health.
  • Our promise is to provide you with travel and lodging support, access to bilingual staff members throughout the entire process and most importantly the best medical care possible.