World Stem Cell Clinic for a better life and quality- WSCC Team
  • Dr.Charles Newcomer C.E.O.

    Dr. Charles Newcomer founded World Stem Cells, LLC after recognizing the deep need for adult stem cell treatments for diseases that would responded well to stem cell therapies. As a student at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan, in 1962, Charles took a genetics class that first sparked his idea of regenerative medicine and development of stem cell therapies that could treat autism, pathological aging, and other diseases. In the subsequent decades, Charles stayed up-to-date on stem cell development, research teams performing cutting-edge work, and protocols describing patient-specific therapies. Although many medical professionals doubted that stem cell therapies could become viable treatments, the mainstream scientific community now recognizes that stem cell use has the power to transform the entire practice of medicine.

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    Dr. Newcomer has decades of experience in business and the health care industry. In addition to successfully registering numerous patents, Charles has acted as president and CEO of several large corporations. In this leadership capacity, these companies received awards from all levels of government, from the city level to recognition from the United States Congress.

    In 2005, Charles put his medical knowledge and business savvy into practice, developing the concept for an adult stem cell clinic. After searching worldwide for the safest city available in which to locate a high-quality medical facility, he decided on Cancun. In 2009, he established World Stem Cells Clinic and construction began on an ISO 7 clean room environment, wet lab, and treatment facility that he had designed, supervised, and tested. By 2010, the full-scale medical center was ready to receive patients. In the subsequent years, World Stem Cells clinic has treated patients with numerous diseases in need of stem cell therapies with great success. He has seen with his own eyes the miraculous benefits patients have received from the stem cell treatments.
    Dr. Newcomer seen a need for his knowledge and six years experience in research and treating patients at World Stem Cells Clinic Cancun and World Stem Cells, LLC USA for India. With the help  of the WSCC team,  Barath Muralidharan, Dr. Gokuladhas krishnan, Dr.Sivapriya Narayanan, Dr. Mumtaz Kutty, Dr. Shawn Hollander, Rekha Manikandan and others he established a new state of the are laboratory and clinic in Chennai India. He look forward to providing state of the art treatments to the Indian population and people around the world at a reasonable cost so more people can benefit.
    Consistent with Dr. Newcomer’s vision from that genetics class in 1962, the World Stem Cell Clinic takes a patient-specific approach to care. Upon entering the clinic, each patient undergoes a thorough assessment, including a full medical history and physical examination. The team then creates a comprehensive treatment plan unique to each patient. Autologous stem cells are taken from the patient’s own body, cultured in the lab, multiplied with growth factors and reagents mixes created by the lab, processed, and placed back into the person’s body.

    Despite the advances made in stem cell technology, many patients struggle to afford much-needed treatments. In recognition of this need, Charles formed the World Stem Cell Institute, an IRS- and state-approved non-profit
    501(c)(3) agency. The World Stem Cell Institute operates independently of World Stem Cell Clinic, fulfilling a different strategic mission and goals under different management and control. The institute conducts patient outreach, education of the general public, and fundraising for patients who need stem cell therapy.
    Dr. Newcomer has remained at the forefront of the stem cell therapeutic field for several decades. As a member of the International Cellular Medicine Society (ICMS) , medical certifications, and many other stem cell groups and organizations, he is dedicated to developing and implementing state-of-the-art treatments. Charles’ favorite endeavor is seeking stem cell treatments that may turn back the clock and reverse the aging process, spending many hours in the laboratory doing stem cell research. As CEO of World Stem Cell Clinic, he is dedicated to advancing stem cell therapy, increasing patient access to care, and making World Stem Cell Clinic the world leader in patient services.

  • Dr. Alexander Mathew, President & Medical Director

    Dr. Alexander Mathew, M.B.B.S, DFM (RCGP, UK), FICM is an Intensivist and Family Physician. He completed his Diploma in Family Medicine with the Royal College of General Practioners, UK and Fellowship in Intensive Care Medicine with Apollo Hospital. The son of the renowned scientist Dr. M.M Alex, he has had immense exposure and interest in the field of research. He has had the privilege of being up-skilled by eminent mentors such as Dr. V. T. Balaraman (Diabetologist), Dr. Sai Kishore (Intensivist and Pulmonologist) and Dr. Latha Kishore (Laparoscopic Surgeon). He has gained immense knowledge and skill as the Intensivist of KL Multi Speciality Hospital over the past years. He is also the Medical Adviser of B.J. Shirke, Chennai and runs two of his own clinics. He regularly conducts free medical camps for the poor and needy gaining trust and experience over time. Dr. Alexander Mathew brings experience and intensity to his new position at World Stem Cell Clinic and promises he and his team of experts will provide the best medical care available in the world to improve their patient’s quality of life.

  • Dr. Mumtaz Kutty, Vice President

    Dr. Mumtaz K. Kutty Vice President, World Stem Cell Clinic India, has a PhD in Information science, Master of information science, Master of business admin,Los Angeles. B.S in MIS and computer science, School of business, OHIO. Bachelor of business Osmania University, India. She has a 26 years of experience in strategy development, customer relations and business development, sales, marketing and support as software/ technology executive. Industries served include health care, telecommunication wholesale and distribution, retail, consumer products, high tech, pharmaceuticals manufacturing entertainment utilities and banking. Extensive product and business process knowledge in supply chain management (SCM), customer relation management and product lifecycle management (PLM) and Enterprise resource planning. Her professional experience in the field of management and leadership has been a key role in developing many new businesses. Being the CEO thought leadership in developing a start-up business from zero to $9 M at transWeave.

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    Mumtaz had played a key role in promoting services with customers and also has been a major part of the global developing strategy at PepsiCo international. And also responsible for all aspects of account management in various companies. She has also been a trusted advisor for customer relations for development of IT strategy and advising the IT policy board on IT direction. Her roles in strategy, sales and marketing has been responsible for $12 M booking and revenue services sale for the West Cross multiple customers. Her experiences in the field of strategic planning and building up businesses in various sector and her sales support has been a key role in development of various companies all over the world. Being the CEO and Founder of TransWeave ,Inc. Mumtaz k. kutty has built services, products and packed solutions for US Universities and International industry. She was a strategy and planning manager at Anderson, developed a 5 year business and IT strategy plans for a number of customers including Good Samaritan hospital, Hemet Valley Hospital. A leader and a mentor, trained to succeed in all circumstances with a PhD in Management and information science, a Master’s in Business Administration with emphasis on Finance and International trade. Mumtaz k. kutty has got her certification in Leadership, Dale Carnegie Institute, San Francisco, May 2006. Certification in sales advantage professional, Dale Carnegie Institute, San Francisco, Jan 2006. Certification in APO, 2004. Certification program management with sap, 2002 and various other certifications.

  • Mrs. Tomiko Newcomer, Corporate Secretary

    Tomiko Newcomer received her MBA degree in 1998 and has started and operated businesses internationally and domestically as Chief Financial Officer (CFO , Vise President and at times corporate secretary for over 40 years. She is highly skilled at people and money management, getting the best from people and the dollar. Her accounting skills acquired in college and during the operation of businesses have been a great benefit to the companies. She also has spent thousands of hours working in the stem cell laboratory on research at home and World Stem Cells Clinic. Her passion is stem cell research and her job is taking care of the money and at World Stem Cell Clinic she can do both..

  • Dr.Sivapriya Narayanan, Cosmetologist

    Dr.Sivapriya Narayanan a medical Graduate from PSG medical college, Coimbatore, India and a Post graduate diploma in clinical embryology. She has been serving in the medical field for the past 16 years across the globe. After her graduation she worked with Community Medicine, Chennai, India as a senior housing officer and further did her PLAB And started her practice in United Kingdom. She has been very passionate towards serving people with at most care and kindness. She has been with several Hospital in UK as a resident medical officer. She then did her PGDCE at Chettinad Academy of Research and Education, Chennai and entered to the ever fascinating field of In-vitro fertilization. After a year of service, she becomes passionate about STEM CELLS and amassed the nuances in cosmetic therapy. She deals with PRP+P601 treatments and supervises all other medical practices at World stem cell clinic India LLP. Her Interest towards research has never worn out, she still continues to give her expert ideas and suggestion in the research.


  • Dr. Gokuladhas Krishnan, Director (laboratory)

    Dr. Gokuladhas krishnan a doctorate in philosophy (Biotechnology/Biochemistry) from university madras and MBA (HR) from kamaraj university. He is been very ardent about research and has been working with lot of project for over 7 years in variously field in life science which includes Nano-technology, Biotechnology, cancer biology etc.He was awarded with a senior research fellow by ICMR in 2013 and UGC-JRF in 2010 and 2011. He has quite a few number of research article published in International journal and has also presented them in conferences . He was also vibrant in acquiring the skillets required for doing research. Being crowned with awards form the governments made him to push himself more towards contributing to the society to his highest ability. So , he recognised STEM CELLS to be the future of medicine started learning about the subject and quenched his thrust of knowledge. He handle all the laboratory aspects at World stem cell clinic India LLP and also is involved in the research that the company involved in.

  • Mrs.Rekha Manikandan, Senior Nurse

    Rekha Manikandan a successful, kind and caring nurse that the company has, She is highly skilled and trained nurse with 8 + years of experience in the same field. She is a nightingale awarded for her excellence at the hospital. She is been certified with IAP-NNF Neonatal care, knowledgableGood nebulisation practice, DVT and OT surgical safety program. She has constantly made herself knowledgeable with the latest updates in the medical field for a better quality in patient care. She has been very keen with the STEM CELL therapy and has the xtensive capability for assisting the procedure and also patient care. She is also a trained nurse for NABH accreditation.