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Stem cell science is advancing at a pace greater than ever before, and research has made a significant discoveries toward medical therapies to treat diseases and injuries – many of which currently have no cure.

We at world stem cell clinic have done years of research in USA and Mexico, Cancoon and brought  a great therapeutic application in the field of stem cells to enhance people’s quality of life.

As we know stem cell treatments are not harmful yet has a humongous potential as therapeutics.  We use adult autologous stem cells for treating patient with the diseases that are broadly focused on Macular degeneration, FUCHS, Acute glaucoma, PAD, Stroke, COPD, Diabetic foot ulcer, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Burns.

We use advanced stem cell procedure that are lieu with recent publication studies. The stem cells are tested, processed and data is being recorded at our state of art facility, thus guarantees a higher level of quality and safety for the patients.

Diseases Treated

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